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Top ten leading FinTech companies in 2022

Top 10 leading FinTech companies in 2022

1. Niyo Solutions

Niyo is focused on creating banking that is simpler, smarter, and safer for its customers by simplifying finance with technology. Niyo is a Bengaluru-based fintech startup that offers digital banking solutions such as prepaid payroll cards, cross-border travel payment debit cards, and multi-wallet tax benefit cards to customers. Founded in 2015, Niyo operates as a neo-bank or challenger bank and offers digital banking products and services through partnerships with banks. Niyo is present in more than 30 cities across India with an employee strength of over 10000 across different cities.

2. Nubank

Nubank is a technology company with a young and innovative spirit that develops simple, secure, and digital solutions for your financial life. The NU way of doing things was born out of nonconformity and became a force to build fair and transparent products for you. Your money will be in a Nubank account, but the control of it is totally yours. If you need any help, Nubank is there 24/7/365 ready to help you out. Nubank is a company made for people by people.  And because of that, the firm is confident that Nubank is for you.

3. OakNorth Bank

OakNorth Bank is a UK bank for small and medium-sized companies that provides business and property loans. The bank, which gained regulatory approval in early 2015, was founded by entrepreneurs Rishi Khosla and Joel Perlman, who had previously founded Copal Amba. In 2018, the bank’s pre-tax profit was £33.9m. OakNorth Bank is redefining the way banks lend to the Missing Middle, giving today’s entrepreneurs access to the capital they need to grow, create jobs, build communities, and power the economy. The OakNorth Credit Intelligence Suite gives banks a 360-view of their borrowers, delivering extraordinary insight, and enabling faster, smarter credit decisions to open up new, profitable markets.

4. OfBusiness

OFB Tech (OfBusiness) is a tech-enabled platform that facilitates raw material procurement and credit for SMEs with a focus on the manufacturing and infrastructure sectors. It integrates technology into SMEs buying behavior to make available better products, at better prices, and in better timelines to customers with comprehensive online and offline support. Key raw materials include metals, chemicals, polymers, Agri commodities, petrochemicals, and building materials. OfBusiness provides SMEs access to cash flow-based financing for buying raw materials through its NBFC ‘Oxyzo Financial Services’. The Company also offers a host of tech services for SMEs including BidAssist for new growth opportunities.

5. Optiver

Optiver is a proprietary trading firm and market maker for various exchange-listed financial instruments. Its name derives from the Dutch Optiver handelaar, or “options trader”. The company is privately owned. Optiver trades listed derivatives, cash equities, exchange-traded funds, bonds, and foreign exchange. Good management and culture. The company treats its employees fairly and maintains a great life/work balance. The hardest part is keeping up, they move quickly and they hire top-tier talent. I enjoyed the work hard, play hard mentality.

6. Paydiant

Paydiant, Inc. is a PayPal-owned financial services company based in Auburndale, Massachusetts, which was incorporated in 2010. Paydiant provides cloud-based services for merchants, banks, and point-of-sale and ATM providers. Paydiant provides a white-label mobile wallet platform that includes mobile payments, loyalty, offers, ATM cash access, and related commerce services. The patented cloud-based platform enables merchants and banks to deploy their own secure mobile wallet solutions under their own brands, in their own apps.

7. PayJoy

PayJoy’s mission is to deliver access to credit to the next billion people in emerging markets worldwide. Its unique mobile locking technology gives customers the ability to afford their first smartphone on credit, using the phone itself as collateral, and then provides further access to credit to help weather life’s unexpected financial surprises and climb the ladder of economic well-being. PayJoy has reached millions of customers in a dozen countries around the globe, including Mexico, Brazil, India, Kenya, and South Africa, and is on a strong growth path with support from major industry partners to bring credit to the next billion emerging consumers.

8. Payoro

Payoro is an innovative PSD2 account servicing platform, that connects consumers with European financial institutions. It enables easy bank account creation and money transfer through dynamic partner relationships and innovative fintech. In accordance with PSD2, all user information is verified based on strong customer authentication (SCA) so you don’t have to worry about the legalities. With an in-house team of attorneys and auditors, Payoro handles all aspects relating to national AML and KYC, allowing financial institutions to concentrate on what they are best at handling money and building customer relationships.

9. Paytm

Paytm is a global Indian technology firm located in Noida that focuses on digital payment systems, e-commerce, and finance. Paytm is currently available in 11 Indian languages. It offers a web- and mobile-based platform for mobile recharges, money transfers, bill payments, trip reservations, hotel, and ticket bookings, booking cylinders, gold purchases, and contributions, among other things. It provides banking, credit cards, loans, and investment platforms for insurance, mutual funds, and other types of investments. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

10. Perfios

Perfios is a leading product technology firm that helps organizations gather structured and unstructured data, curate it, analyze it, and use it to make better decisions. Perfios’ product solutions assist businesses in developing vertical apps across a variety of sectors. In the last nine years, Perfios has gained over 100 big clients in India and overseas, including banks, NBFCs, digital lending platforms, mutual fund firms, insurance companies, and human resources.

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